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Jeremy Story lives with his wife, Jenny and seven children in Austin, TX.  For 20 years he has worked to encourage and train leaders to fervently pray and work together to transform colleges. 

Jeremy has worked with hundreds of campuses and has personally traveled to over 40 states and worked on 5 continents towards this vision.  He sees no division between the secular and spiritual spheres. 

He has started and sold several businesses.  He has consulted with and trained CEO’s of for profits, collegiate non profits, regional leaders, and hundreds of local campus ministers.  He currently serves as the President of Campus Renewal Ministries, a ministry serving as a national catalyst to convene students and college ministers in united prayer and organic evangelistic mission to transform college campuses. 

Jeremy also serves on  the Executive Committee of America’s National Prayer Committee, the Board of the Awakening America Alliance, the Board of The National Day of Prayer, and the Executive Board of Intercessors for America.  He also co-founded and is on the board of the Collegiate Day of Prayer which has mobilized churches and groups to adopt one by one half of our nation’s campuses in prayer.  He has a passion for redefining ‘church’ and releasing the full priesthood of the believer.

Jeremy also consults for various businesses and non-profits.  He is strongly proficient in marketing, strategic planning, and all forms of technology.

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