Jeremy Story is a native Texan with strong principles. He has advanced his principles through his work as a highly respected executive of a nationally influential non-profit.  His commitment to limited government means that he works to build private solutions instead of seeking public subsidies. Instead of looking for a bureaucracy to solve problems, Jeremy has worked to involve others, raised funds, and solved problems to help others.

Public service is not a career, it’s a limited opportunity to do good, to reflect the values of Texas. Growing up in inner-city Houston, Jeremy saw that government policies fail the groups they’re supposed to help, he saw how failing schools hurt students, and how bureaucracies can’t help communities. Only organic leadership can solve local problems. Jeremy knows that quality education, for himself, for his community, and for his family, is critical to success.

Jeremy is a active Christian who strongly values faith and has been happily married for 20 years, with 7 great children.