Property Taxes and Property Rights

Property Taxes
Every tax is a taking, but property taxes, in particular, should be used cautiously and cut when possible. Property taxes fund many local services, but they can become a tax addiction. The tax affects retirees and those on a fixed income. The tax takes from those who simply want to stay in their homes. The tax hurts a family where a breadwinner gets sick and needs to spend on healthcare instead of taxes. We need to find ways to cut this tax.

Property Rights
Eminent domain is supposed to help government build a road when one hold-out threatens to double the cost. Instead, what often happens is lobbyists with privileged access abuse government’s power to steal people’s homes for less than market value in order to turn a profit for their clients. Eminent domain abuse should be a crime in Texas that is enforceable against both the municipality that abuses it and the individual government agents who seek to abuse the power. Texas law ought to protect Texans first.